Liffey Falls, Tasmania

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Liffey Falls, Tasmania.

Located around 40 minutes drive from the town of Deloraine (Home of the Tasmanian Craft Fair) in Central North Tasmania. Liffey Falls is one of the most picturesque hikes in Tasmania.

The 45 minute (return) hike winds it’s way down the canyon slope through beautiful cool temperate rainforest and ferns. Along the hike are viewing platforms looking out over the scenery and the 4 small tiered cascading waterfalls. Each cascade has its own name.

Alexandra Falls, Hopetoun Falls, the aptly named Spout Falls is next and ending with Victoria Falls. Liffey Falls can found at the bottom of the canyon in a lovely grotto like pool surrounded by the cliff walls and trees.



There are two hiking tracks at Liffey Falls. We recommend the short walk from the upper car park. (Google Maps will often route you to the lower car park) The upper car park is reached by leaving Deloraine and following the Highlands Lake Highway (A5) for around 23 kilometers. Turn left onto Riversdale Road and follow until you reach the upper car park.

Riversdale Road is unsealed gravel and care should be taken. It’s a steep, bumpy, winding road with lots of sharp corners and extremely narrow in certain areas limiting it to almost one lane. Logging trucks are active on this road. Not recommended for motor homes, caravans or larger vehicles.



The upper car park has some great facilities. Covered and uncovered seating/picnic areas are located around the car park with BBQ’s available. Toilets are located at the top of the car park.


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