Mushrooms of Tasmania: 15 of our favourite photos

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Bunch of yellow topped mushrooms

Philosophers Falls


Some people like their mushrooms sauteed with a little butter and enjoyed with a glass of wine. Others just enjoy hunting them down in their natural environment and trying to snap a cool photo.

My family definitely falls into the latter category!

Almost every weekend we try to hit the road. For us, nothing beats a weekend road trip. We often get up with the sun, and leave early to avoid the busy roads and crowds.

Camera gear in the car. A couple of sandwiches. And a course plotted out.

We hit the road, ready to explore, and hopefully forget about the hectic working week just past.

Our weekend plans are often based around finding a new hiking trail or waterfall to visit. But the deciding factor is often based around mushrooms.

  • Is it a good spot for mushrooms?
  • Will we find any mushrooms there?
  • Can we find any new mushroom species here?
  • Has anyone been sharing new mushroom photos on social media from these locations?

While we enjoy all types of fungi, there is just something special about a mushroom. Maybe a childhood of growing up watching the Smurfs in their mushroom houses had something to do with it?

Either way, we enjoy it and we hope you do as well, because that’s why this post was created after all!

While this post is purely mushroom related, the species of fungi to be found in Tasmania number in the thousands!

Check out our post on fungi hunting with your kids.

We wanted to share our love of all things mushroom by showcasing our personal favourites from our (stupidly huge) collection of mushroom photos.


Where did we find them?

These mushrooms have predominantly been found in the North West region of Tasmania, which has some of our favourite hunting locations.

These locations include the Waratah area (Philosophers Falls, Hellyer Gorge). Along stops on the Tarkine Drive (Trowutta Arch, Julius River, Milkshake Hills). And around Burnie (Fern Glade, Romaine Reserve) and Penguin (Ferndene Reserve).

I’ve added where we found them in the photo captions, so you can find them yourselves, but ensure you look everywhere!

We’ve found mushrooms in open grassy fields, dense pine forests, temperate rainforests and even local parks have great mushrooms waiting to be found. We’ve even found one that had to be photographed in the pitch black darkness! The bioluminescent Ghost Mushroom!

Don’t consume wild mushrooms! It’s not worth the risk.
Lime green mushroom growing on a log

Philosophers Falls

Underbelly photo of a mushrooms gills

Ferndene Reserve

Iridescent blue mushrooms growing on a log

Philosophers Falls

Brown mushrooms on thin stalks

Fern Glade

Red mushroom with white fluffy spots

Philosophers Falls

Tall mushroom with a light brown cap darkening to black on top

Julius River

Tall mushrooms on white stalks with nut brown caps

Trowutta Arch

Light brown mushroom with white mottled pattern on cap

Hellyer Gorge

Light pink mushrooms

Philosophers Falls

Tiny white mushroom growing on a twig

Milkshake Hills

Bright red mushroom growing in wood mulch

Ferndene Reserve

Brown capped mushroom with puffy white points around cap

Trowutta Arch

Brownish red mushroom growing out of moss bed

Hellyer Gorge

Iridescent green glow of a ghost mushroom

Romaine Reserve

Group of small white mushrooms growing on moss

Philosophers Falls