Philosophers Falls, Tasmania

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Image of a moss covered rain forest at Philosophers Falls

Philosophers Falls, Tasmania

Philosophers Falls, Tasmania.

Located on the outskirts of the town of Waratah in Western Tasmania. Philosophers Falls is one of the most beautiful short hikes in all of Tasmania. The waterfall itself isn’t the main attraction here and can’t compete with falls such as Liffey Falls, Montezuma Falls, Russell Falls or Dip Falls. The main attraction is the scenery along the hike to the waterfalls!

The 90 minute (return) hike feels like you’ve stepped back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The air is clean, crisp and full of moisture. The shadowed canopy of the forest and carpet of vivid green moss that covers everything is breathtaking. The keen eyed hiker will spot the beautiful and often colourful fungus along the hike. Remember to look up to the trees or behind fallen logs, the colourful fungus often grows and hides in these spots.


Getting there?

The drive to the falls are not well signed and only one sign exists right outside the car park entrance. The easiest way to find the falls is to drive to the town of Waratah via the Murchison Highway. Follow Waratah Road (B23) out of town towards Corinna for around 10 kilometres until you see the sign indicating the right turn into the car park.



Sadly, this is the only real downside to Philosophers Falls. It has zero facilities available. No toilets, seating/picnic or BBQ areas are located here.


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